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3 Fast Furnace Tips to Try before Calling for Service

We have all had the scenario where we wake up in the morning in winter and the house is COLD! The first thought that pops in your head is that: “Oh no. The furnace is broken. I’m sure this will be expensive”. Well, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes it could be something really simple that you could check yourself to get you up and running again. Here are 3 tips you can try before calling your repair company.

Check Your Filter

Furnaces are built with safety features already as part of your system. And one of the main ones is designed to shut your furnace off if it gets too hot. One of the main culprits of this is a dirty filter. If your furnace doesn’t have enough air blowing through the system, it will actually get hotter than normal and shut off to protect your home.

Dirty filters really block the flow of air coming to your furnace, so its really important to change them on a regular basis. Plus, when your filter is dirty, your furnace has to work harder, which means it is costing you way more than necessary in heating bills.

Look At Your Thermostat

A lot of programmable and digital thermostats these days have batteries in them. If you go to your thermostat and don’t see anything there, gently open the cover and see if there are batteries there. If so, replace them and turn the thermostat back on.

It may also be as simple as turning the thermostat back to heat. Maybe someone was adjusting the thermostat and forgot to turn it back on.

Check The Power Supply

Even with a gas furnace, you need electricity to make it work. For most gas furnaces, there is a stuff of switch somewhere near your furnace. It will look exactly like a light switch, and sometimes they get turned off either by a service technician, or even accidentally when you may have been cleaning up around your utility room. Sometimes even children will switch it off while they may be playing in the basement. Check that, and you may be able to “flip on” your heat!

Check these three things, and if your furnace still won’t work, call Hartley’s Climate Control, and we will send a technician out fast to get you warm and cozy again!

December 9th, 2015

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